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The contributions we receive here are used for the ongoing expenses of the weekly production of episodes.  The Two Disabled Dudes Podcast is listener supported, allowing for a traditionally ad-free experience. 

Our mission is to encourage listeners to set their sights beyond the challenges in life and find ways to live beyond their circumstances. Too often, rare disease and disability define who we are and the 2DD Podcast exists to remind listeners that there's more to life than our diagnosis.

Your support cultivates the courage to live beyond circumstances.

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$7.50 hosts audio for 1 episode for 1 year
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Did you know? Each episode requires...
Approximately 1 hour of recording
Approximately 6 hours of editing
About 1 hour to finalize, publish and share online

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Please note, 2DD operates under the umbrella of De:terminence, Inc., a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and will be denoted on your confirmation and billing statement as such.

Any gifts received beyond the on-going expenses to produce the show will be used at the discretion of the 2DD Podcast & de:terminence, Inc.  
However, no personal income is received by either host.

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